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WELCOME to the Home Page of

This is the official website for the 
Class Of 1967 who attended 
Kearney Senior High School
in Kearney, Nebraska -- 
home of the Bearcats! 


Barbara Anderson  6/7
John Luther  6/12
Robert Fitzgerald  6/24
Dennis Slack  6/24
Ron Hutchins  6/26
Jan Monroe (Bernel)  6/26

are highlighted in yellow.

IN MEMORY:  We fondly remember 43 of our KHS Classmates who have died since 1967, including Cinda House Bertrand, Jerry Jelken, Jim Lane, and John Ransom, each of whom died in 2020; Sally Zikmund Husen, Jackie Pahl Lashley, Calvin Cady, Charlotte Wilken Webb, Dan Else and Fred Best, Jr. who died in 2021; Pat Swift, Ron Blessing, and Elizabeth Wells who died in 2022; and Craig Anderson who died in 2023.   Our sincere condolences and prayers are with them, their family, and friends.  If you have any memories about these Classmates that you'd like to share, please visit our "In Memory" page on the black vertical menu bar, then click the link under their name and yearbook photo.  If you know of any other KHS1967 Classmates who have passed away, please click the "Contact Us" link on the black horizontal menu bar to send us an e-mail.

JOIN OUR CLASS FACEBOOK GROUP:  Our classmate Karen Heinz Roper administers a private Facebook Group called "KHS Class of '67 (Nebraska)" that YOU can join!  (Yes, the word "Nebraska" is included in the group's name because, believe it or not, there are other KHS classes from 1967 in different states, e.g., Kirksville, Missouri or Kingston, New York!)  Login to your Facebook account, then search Facebook for "KHS Class of '67 (Nebraska)".  Click our group name in the results, then tap "Join Group".  When Karen approves your request, you're a Facebook Group member!  Post your thoughts about a topic to discuss at the next Kearney Class Coffee.  Share a recipe or your recommendation for a new book, movie or TV show you like.  Ask who's planning to attend our 55th Class Reunion this September.  If you like Facebook, you need to join our Class Facebook Group.  Yes, it's FREE!    

OTHER FACEBOOK GROUPS:   "You Know You're From Kearney When..." is a private Facebook Group that posts memories about life in Kearney when we were kids.  This group is open to anyone who has lived in Kearney.  "Kearney Junior/Senior High Memorial Page" is a public Facebook Group that posts obituaries and memories of former KJHS/KHS students who have died but who we may still remember.  This group is open to anyone who attended Kearney Junior or Senior High.  If you already have a Facebook account, you can login and search Faebook for "You Know You're From Kearney When" or "Kearney Junior/Senior High Memorial Page", then request to join either or both Facebook groups.  They're free!

ALL KHS1967 WEBSITE PAGES ARE NOW SECURE:  When you visit our website, your web browser will now display a Padlock icon  or the word "Secure" next to each webpage's address in your browser.  Some browsers may also display https before the address (the "s" means "secure").  This means that every page on our website is now secure, protected by Secure Socket Layer or SSL technology.  Before now, our website hosting company (Class Creator) only protected the Sign-In page, Admin and Member Functions pages, all User data, and any page where credit card information was collected, using Class Creator's own SSL certificate.  But that resulted in some web browsers displaying a scary "Not Secure" label next to other pages on our website.  Now, all data, all information, and every webpage is protected under our own SSL certificate.  If you have any questions, please sign-in and click "Contact Us" on the black horizontal menu bar to send your questions to our website administrator Chuck Wolf.  Thanks!

YOUR FIRST TIME TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE?  If you graduated from Kearney High School in 1967, click "JOIN HERE" below the blue "Sign In" button at the top right of the Home Page, then find and click on Your Name (as listed in our KHS 1967 LOG Yearbook).  Then fill out your own free "Classmate Profile" with only the information that you want to share with Classmates (not the Public).  Provide your work or home e-mail address, then select a password (which you can change at anytime).  Tell us about your life since KHS.  Add your married name and the first name you prefer to be called today.  You can add photos and videos to your Classmate Profile.  Post a comment or birthday greeting to a Classmate using "What's New".  Send and receive private emails to other Classmates in the "Message Center".  And best of all, it's all FREE!

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HOW TO SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE:  Even if you don't know another classmate's email address or phone number, you can send them a Private Message that is NOT shared with other classmates and is NOT posted on our Class Website.  Just sign in to our website, click on "Classmate Profiles" in the black horizontal Menu bar, then click on the name of the classmate you want to contact.  Below their photos but above their birthday and other profile information, click the "Send (Name) a private message" link.  Fill in the Subject of your message, such as: "Message from (Your Name)", and type your private message, then click the blue "Send Private Message" box.  If you want to share your own email address or phone number, you'll need to include it in your Private Message.         

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