Missing Classmates

The following KHS 1967 Classmates are missing from our database, because we don't have an e-mail address for them or they have not yet joined our www.khs1967.org website. 

If you know any of these Missing Classmates, please click on their name and fill in their e-mail address.  We'll send them an e-mail inviting them to join our website. 

If you don't have their e-mail address, please call or write them to encourage that they visit our www.khs1967.org website, click "Classmate Profile" on the horizontal menu bar, then click on their name and follow instructions to join our KHS 1967 website.  It's free... and fun to stay in touch! 

Pam Anderson
Dorothy Bacon
Leon Brown
Debbie Christensen
Carol Coppel
Jack Cusick
Bob Daake
Allen DeLaet
Stephen Dennis
Linda Dreher
Terry Elliott
Rilda Feikert
Bill Franz
DeAnn Galloway
Marlene Geisert
Richard Gibreal
Richard Ginder
Arlene Grotfield
Dixie Holder
Marilyn Holmes
Paul Jensen
Laura Kuebler
Kathy Laue (Leisinger)
Pat Laue
Marge Lehmanowsky
Cristi Lindblom
Paul Longfellow
Terry Lucas (Archer)
Donna Markus (Panowicz)
Judy Martenson (Ahrens)
Marcia Mays (Lovitt)
Danny McAuliff
Ann Mendenhall (Gannon)
Marlene Miller
Linda Nelson
John Orcutt
Dusty Parker
Janice Potter (Rayburn)
Sandy Rollins (Volmer)
Susan Schug
Steve Shonkwiler
Becky Sisler
Randy Solomon
Ted Stutheit
Rod Swanson
Lorrin Thomas
Jim Tollefsen
Rick Triplett
Jerry Walker
Don Wietjes
Bill Woodward

Guest Members

Dr. Jay Dostal
Riley Harris
Bill Henderson
Kari Keating (Anderson)
Denny Long
Bobbie McKenzie
Judy Schrock
Marv Shafer
Fran Wilson