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WELCOME to the Home Page of

This is the official website for the 
Class Of 1967 who attended 
Kearney Senior High School
in Kearney, Nebraska -- 
home of the Bearcats! 


Don Carpenter  1/22
Vicki Wiseman  1/25
D. Dean Liddle  1/26
Dave Richardson  1/26
Dan Else  1/30
Mike Schmidt  1/30
Dale Hallock  2/4
JoAnn Spahr (Sear)  2/4
Bob Christensen  2/7
Phil Euler  2/7
Mark Spelts  2/10
Harold Keller  2/12
Jerry Jelken  2/15

NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS are highlighted in yellow.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We wish you happiness, good health, and lots of love from your family and friends in 2020.  January is a great time to sign in, review and update your Contact Info and your Classmate Profile on our KHS 1967 website.  Under the "MEMBER FUNCTIONS" category in the vertical Menu Bar, click on "Edit Contact Info" to make sure your email address and phone number(s) are correct.  Click "Edit Profile" to update your Profile answers or add a new Photo.  Don't forget to check out the "PROFILE UPDATES" in the far right column of the Home Page to see which classmates have updated their own "Classmate Profiles".  Please stay in touch!

DEATH OF RUTH LOEFFELHOLZ KREUTZER:  We are sad to report that our KHS 1967 Classmate Ruth Loeffelholz Kreutzer died on August 17th at age 70 in the Kearney Regional Medical Center.  She married Roland "Sonny" Kreutzer on December 10, 1971.  Ruth and Sonny were foster parents to 30 children and adopted three children of their own.  Ruth worked for a variety of companies around Kearney including the Center for Psychology, B&B Answering Service, Fidelke Heating and Air, and Horner Lieske McBride & Kuhl.  A member of St. James Catholic Church in Kearney, Ruth excelled at sewing, quilting, and knitting hats and scarves for family and friends.  You can read Ruth's obituary from the Kearney Hub newspaper by clicking on Ruth's name listed in our "In Memory" page.  You can share your memories of Ruth by clicking the "Post Comment" link below her Obituary.  Our sincere condolences to Ruth's children, family, and friends!

DEATH OF DAVE KOVANDA:  We are sad to report that our KHS 1967 Classmate Dave Kovanda died on October 31st at his home in Meiden, Connecticut, four days after his 70th birthday on October 27th.  He played trombone in the KHS Band, frequently winning First Chair.  After graduation in 1967, he served in the U.S. Navy, then graduated from Southeast Community College in Milford, Nebraska.  Dave worked as an Electronic Technician at Notifier in Lincoln, then Honeywell in Hartford, Connecticut, until he retired.  He is survived by his mother, Shirley Scheer; sister, Sara Kovanda and son, Tyler Waller, all of Lincoln.  You can read Dave's obituary from the Lincoln Journal-Star newspaper by clicking on Dave's name listed on our "In Memory" page.  You can share your memories of Dave by clicking the "Post Comment" link below his Obituary.  Our sincere condolences to Dave's family and friends!

IN MEMORY:  We fondly remember 30 of our Classmates who have died since 1967.   Our sincere condolences and prayers are with them, their family, and friends.  If you have any memories about these Classmates that you'd like to share, please post a comment by clicking their name listed on our "In Memory" page on the black vertical menu bar.  If you know of any other Classmates who have passed away, please click the "Contact Us" link on the black horizontal menu bar to send us an e-mail.

KHS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION:  The Alumni Association publishes an alumni newsletter, The Re-Echo, twice each year.  Dues are only $10 per year or $250 for a lifetime membership.  Send your check to: KHS Alumni Association, 310 West 24th Street, Kearney NE 68845.  Questions?  Call Alumni Coordinator Dianne Lamb at 308-698-8002 or email her at:

YOUR FIRST TIME TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE?  If you graduated from Kearney High School in 1967, click "JOIN HERE" below the blue "Sign In" button at the top right of the Home Page.  Or click "Classmate Profiles", then click on Your Name (as listed in "The 1967 Log yearbook") to fill out your own free Classmate Profile.  Provide your work or home e-mail address, select a password (which you can change at anytime), and other contact information.  Tell us about your life since KHS.  Add your married name and the first name you prefer to be called today!  You can add photos and videos to your Classmate Profile, post comments to our "Classmate Forums", and send private emails to other Classmates --- and best of all, it's all free!!

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FACEBOOK GROUPS:  "You Know You're From Kearney When..." and "Senior High Memorial Page" are two Facebook Groups that post memories about life in Kearney.  If you already have a Facebook account, you can login and search for "You Know You're From Kearney When" or "Senior High Memorial Page", then request to join either or both groups.  They're free!

CARTOON CONTEST:   Do you remember watching cartoons on TV after-school or on Saturday morning?  Then click on the "Cartoon Contest" link in the vertical menu bar on our website.  Test your memory about the most popular cartoons in the 1950's and 1960's.  After each question, scroll down to see the answer.  Have fun!

TOP 10 SONGS FROM 1950 TO 1990:  Visit  See the database of the Top 10 Songs for each month of the year from 1950 to 1990.  Click on the speaker in the middle of the Record and it plays the entire song.  Not only can you hear the music, but you get to see the original label, in addition to getting a photo of the artist, biography and discography.

REWIND is a free 1-minute "audio history" for each day produced by Brandon Brooks, a deejay at the CBS radio station in Philadelphia.  Click the Rewind "play" button on the right side of our Home Page, turn up the speakers or headphones on your computer, and enjoy the news and music clips from this date in history.